Author: Isadora Baum

Combat Crohn's Like A Pro|Live For You Now with Isadora Baum

17 Apr Combat Crohn’s Like A Pro

Searching the menu when you suffer from Crohn’s Disease can be a pain, especially during a flare-up. An inflammatory disease, its common symptoms include abdominal pain, diarrhea, gas and bloating, loss of appetite and weight fluctuations. Crohn’s results in malnutrition due to the intestines’ inability to...

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Nourish Your Heart with Gratitude | Live for You Now with Isadora Baum

13 Apr Nourish Your Heart with Gratitude

The heart’s greatest source of nourishment is love and appreciation, and now there is evidence to back it up. The American Psychological Association (APA) recently reported that positive thinking and feelings of gratitude have been shown to enhance both mental and physical health, the heart in...

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The Ultimate Liver Detox|Live for You Now with Isadora Baum

31 Mar The Ultimate Liver Detox

The liver is the human body’s largest gland, and it performs many important functions. It cleanses the blood of toxins, metals and other invasive substances, and it stores key vitamins and minerals, like iron. It also aids in both the metabolism of fats through the...

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20 Ways to Mitigate Migraines|Live for You Now with Isadora Baum

20 Mar 20 Ways to Mitigate Migraines

Migraines really know how to kill a day, as the severity can be excruciating and the pain may subsist for hours. Triggers may include food, flashing lights and other visual distractions, alternative sources of body pain, hunger, hormonal imbalances, medication interferences, and of course, environmental...

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How To Tame a Tricky Thryoid|Live for You Now with Isadora Baum

19 Mar How To Handle a Tricky Thyroid

Oh the list of contradictory articles! There are several different theories regarding a proper thyroid diet. Here’s my take: It’s common to suffer from various thyroid diseases, such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, and risk factors only increase with genetics, age, environmental stress and lifestyle. When your thyroid...

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Guard That Gut | Live for You Now with Isadora Baum

06 Mar Guard That Gut

Did you know that about 70% of your immune system lies within the gut? Poor gut behavior poses a greater risk for diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and other types of autoimmune disorders. In fact, researchers at University of Illinois at Chicago found on 3/6/15 that...

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The Need for Oxytocin|Live for You Now with Isadora Baum

05 Mar Our Need for Oxytocin

A recent study (3/5/15) has shown that oxytocin nasal spray interferes with male eating patterns…and for the better (Science Daily). At the Endocrine Society’s meeting in San Diego, a group of healthy men received a synthetic nasal spray of the “Love Hormone”, oxytocin, and were found...

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8 Tips for Relieving Muscle Soreness|Live for You Now with Isadora Baum

26 Feb 8 Tips for Relieving Muscle Soreness

Workouts should feel good. Don’t let that sweet endorphin rush get masked by post-exercise aches. People often use this soreness as an excuse to skip a workout, thereby delaying the amount of time it takes for the body to adjust to a routine. Rather than withdrawing with...

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The Benefits of Vitamin B|Live for You Now with Isadora Baum

26 Feb The Benefits of Vitamin B

We often underestimate the power of B vitamins. Hell, we don’t even know how to pronounce all eight of them by name. We deem Omega-3s, calcium and vitamin D as superstars, and though they do deserve the hype, vitamin B should be right up there...

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Avoid & Attack Common Ails | Live For You Now with Isadora Baum

21 Jan Avoid & Attack Common Ails

It’s wintertime, it’s cold, there is illness everywhere…it’s nearly impossible to avoid flu-like symptoms at this time of the year. Whether it’s the common cold, a sore throat, or a virus, all conditions take a toll on the mind and body. It’s important to maintain a...

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