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Cold Weather: The Newest Fat Burner?

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And what happens in spring? Sugar addictions and lack of motivation for exercise carry over into warmer weather, urging most to turn to ice cream and iced white chocolate mochas. Poor lifestyles during colder months create a vicious cycle, one that becomes difficult to break free from without proper guidance and support. Some people need extra motivation to get rid of the fat they’ve built over the colder months so they use things like HGH injections to help them decrease fat and increase muscle. If you’re interested in this then click here to see if it’s good for you.

New research reveals that cold temperatures may actually trigger our metabolism to convert “white fat” (the unhealthy kind) into “brown fat” (the kind that revs calorie burn). So really, we should be able to actually trim down and lose weight in colder climates. Plus, shivering burns calories effortlessly! Clearly the Western world is doing a pretty good job of screwing our bodies’ natural tendencies. By exposing the body to cold stress, “white fat” deposits may even decrease, providing hope for a possible decline in type 2 diabetes and obesity.

The take away: your body needs extra fat and protein to keep the body warm during colder temperatures, but don’t let them star on your plate.

Incorporate soups and stir-fry into the diet, using tofu, beef, chicken, beans and fish for the protein and healthy oils, such as olive, avocado, flax or hemp, for the fat. Fill the plate predominately with vegetables in order to keep the immune system high, avoid wintertime influenzas, and reap the benefits of your effortless fat burn.

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