5 Reasons To Run Now | Live for You Now with Isadora Baum

19 Apr 5 Reasons To Run Now

Not only is running a great way to blow off steam, boost endorphins and enhance productivity and creativity at work, it’s also a tremendous workout for your bones, joints and heart. Running can be liberating: imagine propelling your body forward, feeling brave, strong, in control; and...

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Healthy Holiday Tweaks | Live For You Now with Isadora Baum

11 Dec Healthy Holiday Tweaks

Holiday treats can be huge diet-busters. But they’re so good, right? Often, it’s not so much the ingredients that we crave, but rather the comfort food as a whole. When we think of pizza, we imagine a huge slice of fattening cheesy goodness all smothered in...

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06 Nov Do You Self Sabotage?

Though we probably don’t want to admit to it, self-sabotage, especially when it comes to our health, is a sneaky, easy trap to fall into. The concept of “All or Nothing” can get in the way of focusing on small, consistent changes that will result...

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10 Best And Worst Foods For Your Face | Live For You Now with Isadora Baum

01 Aug 10 Best And Worst Foods For Your Face

The Good Watermelon Due to its high lycopene content and concentration of water, watermelon promotes healthy, glowing skin. Lycopene has been shown to prevent skin cancer by upping the body’s ability to block UV ray exposure. Some other rich sources include tomatoes (better if cooked!). While there’s that...

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6 Ways To Sneak In Greens | Live For You Now with Isadora Baum

16 Jul 6 Ways To Sneak In Greens

Convincing children to chow down on a stalk of broccoli over a pizza bagel can be tough. Sometimes just the mere color of a green is enough to bring about that scrunched face expression and exclamation of the word “gross!”. Fruits and vegetables are necessary for...

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22 Jun Beware the Buffet

Buffets can be overwhelming. Italian dinner buffets, for instance. Meatballs smothered in rich tomato sauce with garlic, grated Parmesan, and fresh herbs. Pile those atop of a huge bowl of Penne that is drenched in creamy vodka sauce. Add a few breadsticks with pesto dip to...

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Live For You Now| 8 Summer Grilling Staples

02 Jun 8 Summer Grilling Staples

When we think of summer, the words sunshine, grill and party come to mind; yet, often that socializing comes along with extra calories from double decker cheeseburgers, salty meats, ice cream cones, beer…and more beer. Don’t worry—it’s not necessary to put away the grill and ice...

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Sugar Ain't So Sweet|Live For You Now with Isadora Baum

15 May Sugar Ain’t So Sweet

Did you know that trading in one serving of a sugary beverage for a cool glass of H20, unsweetened coffee or tea reduces the likelihood of becoming diabetic between 14-25%?* Pretty astonishing—I know. Once you see past the temporary sugar high, you realize the aftermath isn’t...

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