Keep Your Brain Sharp | Live For You Now with Isadora Baum

11 Feb Keep Your Brain Sharp

A recent study at UCLA shows the impact that mediation has on the brain’s gray matter and subsequent aging process. Loss of gray matter can lead to early onset of dementia and other conditions of memory impairment. The need for relaxation and mental focus is...

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Reshaping Junk Food | Live For You Now with Isadora Baum

31 Jan Reshaping Junk Food

An article from Canadian Science Publishing recently reported a decline in children’s consumption of milk at a Canadian school system once the school eliminated a childhood favorite, chocolate milk. Milk is necessary for proper growth and development, and flavored milks are often more appealing to...

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Avoid & Attack Common Ails | Live For You Now with Isadora Baum

21 Jan Avoid & Attack Common Ails

It’s wintertime, it’s cold, there is illness everywhere…it’s nearly impossible to avoid flu-like symptoms at this time of the year. Whether it’s the common cold, a sore throat, or a virus, all conditions take a toll on the mind and body. It’s important to maintain a...

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Tofu and Brocoli | Live For You Now with Isadora Baum

16 Jan Building Better Bones

Researchers at the Columbia University Medical Center have recently found stem cells, called osteochondroreticular (OCR), in the bone marrow of mice that may trigger regeneration of bone and cartilage tissues. This evidence proves significant for treatment of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and bone injuries or fractures. While...

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Cholesterol Police: The Avocado | Live For You Now with Isadora Baum

13 Jan Cholesterol Police: The Avocado

An article recently published in The Journal of the American Heart Association claims that avocados may really have super powers. All the hype about Superfoods is spot on: avocado’s healthy mono-unsaturated fat and fiber content make it a key ingredient in lowering LDL cholesterol and...

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Cut TV Time Short | Live For You Now with Isadora Baum

09 Jan Cut TV Time Short

Research has discovered a link between excess TV use and the tendency towards eating unhealthy foods. A main reason may be the content of the majority of TV commercials today, as the food and drink industry has taken over screen. And what types of products...

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Cold Weather: The Newest Fat Burner? | Live For You Now with Isadora Baum

06 Jan Cold Weather: The Newest Fat Burner?

It’s time to debunk the myth that winter and weight gain go hand in hand. Our Western culture perpetuates this trend, as most people hibernate between work and feast on heavy, calorie-dense, comfort food. Gym memberships go unused and orders for Starbucks white chocolate mochas...

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Travel and Stay Trim | Live For You Now with Isadora Baum

04 Jan Travel and Stay Trim

For me, 2014 ended with a trip to Argentina. The point of a vacation is to spend time with friends and family and to take a break from the ordinary—to explore a new environment, to taste delicious foods and flavors, to forget about your Gmail inbox. We...

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A New Years Transformation| Live For You Now with Isadora Baum

17 Dec A New Years Transformation

The good thing about living for yourself? You have the power to start fresh. New Years represents a time to check in with yourself, your goals and priorities, and of course your health. With the holidays approaching, or rather having persisted since Thanksgiving, it’s easy to...

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Yogurt | Live For You Now with Isadora Baum

17 Dec Tips to Tame those Holiday Cravings

We’re human: we see a tray of chocolate chip cookies and eggnog, and our mouths begin to drool. Our bodies are wired to crave sugar and fat, and it’s nearly impossible to neglect our temptations during the holiday season. My advice: indulge…in moderation. Don’t punish yourself;...

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