How I Live for Me

Maintaining a clear, sharp mind and strong, energized body can be tough work. But when you look at your actions and accomplishments as something positive, it becomes easy.

Have fun with how you choose to live: your health, happiness & grip on nature and your place within it define who you are and your experiences.

I didn’t wake up one day and say, “hey Iz, you’ve trimmed five pounds. You’re looking good. Now you can afford to eat cake every day.”

No—cake is for special occasions or to be shared as a weekend dessert with friends in my book. I am never done. That’s the beauty of it. Short-term goals became a long-term lifestyle. I get to wake up every day now and feel awesome, proud, revitalized, and eager for another ass-kicking day!

I listen to my body and mind and give them what they need, whether that’s an extra boost or a moment of rest. And if I slip (how did that whole pizza pie disappear?), I shrug it off and plan to do better the next day. Self-defeat is not a solution.

20 Things I Do To Live For Me

  • I wake up with intentions: Knowing I have a purpose is what gets me out of bed. Once I leave the house, I have a mental list of goals to accomplish. It gets me fired up.
  • I eat breakfast. Never leave home hungry. A protein-packed breakfast provides power to get me through the day. Weekdays I love a Siigis yogurt with live bacteria cultures, a cup of berries and a spoonful of raspberry jam. On weekends, I switch it up—my Greek, veggie egg-white omelet and English muffin is something I look forward to all week!
  • I’m in tune with my body. If it needs fat, I’ll eat some peanut butter. If it needs something sweet, I’ll grab a square of 72% dark chocolate. If it had one-two-many drinks the night before, I’ll chug a green juice with celery, romaine, kale, apple, lemon and ginger to restore the imbalance.
  • I sweat daily: no day is complete without a burst of cardio. Whether it’s a high-intensity spin class, a run in the sun, the elliptical or a private dance party (no one wants to see that!), I live for that daily burn and endorphin rush. I also strength train 2-3 times weekly to build strong bones and muscles.
  • I book up weekends: I love being social—friends, family, good food, laughter, and red wine are a must on days off from work. I get adequate sleep, eat well, watch a favorite TV show and stay mellow during the week, and I reward myself with some restaurant splurges and good company.
  • I never leave the house without rings: my ring collection completes my look. They make my style and personality, and I would feel naked without them. All different shapes, sizes, colors…it’s so me.
  • I stick to whole foods: Refined flour, processed foods, sugars, an excess of wheat products, fatty oils and butters are not on my grocery list. Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and dairy, nuts and seeds…these take up my plate. Eating food in its natural form is tasty and nutritious.
  • I follow an 80/20 rule: Eating healthy 80% of the time and giving in to indulgences the other 20%. Everyone deserves a cheat now and then! For me, I cheat on weekends…and I love every bit of it.
  • I eat dark chocolate everyday: Firstly, I chew my calcium Adora Dark Chocolate chewable. Secondly, I eat a square or two for either an afternoon pick-me-up or dessert. Thirdly, I eat a Quest Protein Bar in Double Chocolate Chunk. I have to quell my sweet tooth somehow!
  • I love Omega-3’s: In addition to my daily fish oil supplement, VitalOils by Vital Remedy MD, I eat plenty of nuts, seeds and fish. I couldn’t live without salmon—it’s my favorite for dinner with ginger, dill and broccoli.
  • I laugh, a lot: laughter sets me free and instantly boosts my mood. Life is hard, but laughing shouldn’t have to be. It’s a reminder to ease up a bit and cut yourself and the world some slack.
  • I sip green juices: Green juices are great for building bones and fighting cancer. Plus, the taste just gives that overall detox, cleansing “ahh” feel. I love adding ginger, cayenne, lemon or lime for an extra kick.
  • I can be selfish at times: It’s ok to say no. At the end of the day, if making a plan or doing a favor with/for someone is going to present a real burden for me, I gotta decline. If my health suffers, is it worth it? You do you.
  • I open my mind: being adventurous is fun, and I’m getting better at it every day. Opening myself up to love, foods, new experiences, and change allows me to transform and propel forward.
  • I take a probiotic: 70% of the immune system resides in the gut, so taking a daily culturelle supplement keeps me on track. Go with your gut—if it feels out of whack, fix it. I check-in with my digestion all the time to pinpoint any culprits.
  • I live in the moment: Of course I plan for the future (keeping tabs on finances and long-term goals will increase the likelihood of success), but when I am doing something, I’m there. If it’s a massage, my mind is clear. If it’s a meal, my bites are small and slow. I don’t want to regret missing out on what could have been experienced.
  • I give my body some love: I lotion nightly, massage sore muscles with a foam roller post-workout, and I surround myself with people who will touch and be touched. The human body needs affection.
  • I have guilty pleasures: But without the guilt! The Real Housewives of NYC, Clueless, Gossip Girl reruns, Pretty Little Liars—sometimes it’s fun to just unwind with a girly program, a bowl of popcorn and comfy, polka dotted socks.
  • I weigh cravings and consequences: Let’s say I crave a brownie. Why? Am I in a fight with a friend? If so, I’ll eat an apple and try and heal the wounds. Or, is it because they’re homemade by my mother? I’ll eat the damn brownie.
  • I’m true to myself: I am who I am. I change because I want to. I put myself out there and hope to be liked back. If I am angry with myself, I fix it. I can’t expect others to like me if I don’t like myself first.