Live For You Now with Isadora Baum | Holistic Health Coaching Approach|Live for You Now with Isadora Baum
Isadora Baum discusses the focal points of her holistic approach to the health coaching practice and nutrition.
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As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition my approach centers on the individual within his or her environment.


We often cling to the notion that one diet fits all, as though there’s one precise, and frequently restrictive formula that we all must master in order to be fit, thin, and glowing; however, this is a myth.

With knowledge of 100+ dietary theories, I work with clients to find a lifestyle that fits them, and I offer support and encouragement along the way. Everybody is different, and I guide clients through their journey of reflection and self-discovery.

Primary Food

A plate of food symbolizes how we are feeling in other areas of our life. There is reasoning behind a midnight binge on tortilla chips or an appetite that just doesn’t seem to ever settle.

Our satisfaction and happiness levels in our relationships, career, physical activity and spiritual and/or stress-mitigating practices determine our food choices. I help clients get in touch with and find satisfaction in these areas. With a healthy grasp on these primary elements, our plates are transformed.

Self-Trust and Self-Care

With self-trust and self-care, you can be your best self. I motivate clients to push themselves and stay optimistic. It’s important for them to trust themselves in maintaining unswerving intentions and reaching personal goals. I encourage them to step outside the box and try things they never imagined. With curiosity and focus, transformation is possible.

Deconstructing Cravings/Crowding Out

Cravings occur as a result of an imbalance in lifestyle. Stress, emotions, lack of sleep, inactivity and hormones all play a part in altering your relationship towards food. By pinpointing our imbalances, we can master control over cravings. Likewise, adding in healthful foods will often mitigate our desire for sugary, processed foods.


There are some truly powerful, ridiculously nutritious foods out there, and I suggest everyone try them. Incorporating Superfoods into the diet will boost the immune system and ward of illnesses. In addition, some foods are more potent than others for certain health conditions, and it’s important to include those in meals in order to reap optimal benefits and find relief.