Group Coaching | Live For You Now with Isadora Baum

Sometimes it’s easier—and more fun!—to embark on your journey with others.

Many people flourish in larger settings, whether in person or through a social media outlet. Group coaching provides additional support, encouragement and the need to uphold intentions.

Live For You Now Group Program

Live For You Now Group Program: 12 classes and 2 Q & A calls. Both in person and virtual options apply. Options for 3 month and 6 month apply.

  1. Set up your journal and better your time management skills
  2. Regulate proper digestion and reduce bloating
  3. Deconstruct your cravings and crowd out bad foods for good
  4. Energize your mind and body, sleep soundly, and boost your immune system
  5. Get rid of inflammation and ease muscle tension
  6. Learn my key tips for eating out and on the go
  7. Clear your skin and body of toxins through juicing
  8. Revamp your pantry with my favorite Superfoods
  9. Practice self care and spirituality to de-stress and nurture your body
  10. Learn to trust your intuition and build confidence
  11. Master the art of communication and strengthen your relationships
  12. Get in tune with your bio-individuality and gain knowledge of popular dietary theories to find one that works for you!

**Individual private sessions are offered for an additional fee.

Live For You Now 3 Month Package

Live For You Now 3 Month Package: For those short on time, you’ll receive one 30-min private session/month, 1 Q & A/month, and membership to an active Facebook group for support and discussion opportunities.