Individual Coaching | Live For You Now

Our sessions will focus on you and finding a lifestyle tailored to your needs and concerns. Get ready to master stress, stay energized, beat bloat and acne, and feel your healthiest, best self!

Sessions occur via phone, Facetime or skype, in-person or at East Bank Club.

For potential clients: a 15-minute phone consultation is required.

This way, we will briefly get to know each other and figure out if one of my programs is a perfect fit! You’ll fill out a “Health History Form” located on site (or can be sent via email).

Remember, there’s no time like the present!

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Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions are can be flexible. There is no designed format—sessions will be tailored to your specific concerns. Individual sessions are great for those in need of minimal health guidance or simple solutions to a particular point of focus.

Can be 30 or 50 minutes long.

Live For You Now "Spirit Cleanser"

Live For You Now Spirit Cleanser is offered as an intensive 3 Month program for those in a rush and as a 6 Month steady journey, where each 50-min session tackles a new step that will bring you closer to achieving an overall healthier state. This basic format is great for those who want more knowledge, energy, health and happiness. It’s less about the client’s particular conditions, and more about a general transformation and influx of information.

  1. Set up your journal and better your time management skills
  2. Regulate proper digestion and reduce bloating
  3. Deconstruct your cravings and crowd out bad foods for good
  4. Energize your mind and body, sleep soundly, and boost your immune system
  5. Get rid of inflammation and ease muscle tension
  6. Learn my key tips for eating out and on the go
  7. Clear your skin and body of toxins through juicing
  8. Revamp your pantry with my favorite Superfoods
  9. Practice self care and spirituality to de-stress and nurture your body
  10. Learn to trust your intuition and build confidence
  11. Master the art of communication and strengthen your relationships
  12. Get in tune with your bio-individuality and gain knowledge of popular dietary theories to find one that works for you!

If you love this program, we can continue individual sessions or the standard Live for You Now 6 Month Program and dive deeper into problem areas. I am here to offer support, motivation and guidance for as long as you need!

Live For You Now "6 Month Program"

The 6 Month Program will focus on the client’s primary areas of concern and bring about a healthier, happier and accomplished you! Package includes: two 50 min sessions/month, weekly emails with health tips & resources, unlimited email support, giveaways and session notes.

*Program is also offered for both 3 months and monthly. Flexibility in the program definitely applies if 6 months is too long of a commitment!

Live for You Now "Intensified"

Crank up the speed! This type of package is great for those in a time crunch and in desire of four 50-min sessions/month. Unlimited email support, weekly newsletter, my health tips & handouts, and access to giveaways are included.

Renewal Options

Need more time? Want to maintain your new transformation? Not ready to get rid of me?

I love working with returning clients! Building relationships with my clients is pure joy.

Supportive Check-in: Commit to 3 or 6 months for a 75 minute consultation/month with the same additional perks of the program!