Special Packages | Live For You Now with Isadora Baum
Live For You Now "Diet Detox"

The Live For You Now Diet Detox is for those in need of a detox post holidays, amidst work chaos or pre-bathing suit season. With an elimination of artificial foods and common allergens and an emphasis on whole foods, exercise, self-care and juices, we will overhaul toxins and clear your body’s system. This intensive 1-month program will get you immediate results!

Package includes four 50-min sessions, juice recipes & tips, unlimited email support, giveaways, a weekly newsletter, access to health resources & handouts and session notes. Purchase of one detox drink, $50, is required.

The Live For You Now "Relationship Repair"

The Live For You Now Relationship Repair is for those who feel predominantly stressed by their relationships and find their health and food choices to suffer as a result. This program focuses on one “primary food,” relationships.

Weekly or bi-weekly 50-minute or 30-minute sessions for unlimited email support, handouts & exercises, session notes, giveaways and a happy, healthier state of mind.

*If you would like sessions with your partner, an additional fee may apply.

The Live For You Now "Meal Plan Program"

The Live For You Now Meal Plan Program is for those who like to plan meals ahead of time and under direct supervision. I get it: hours can run late, and it’s a pain to head to the store or turn on the oven on a whim!

A solution? I will design a weekly meal plan for you featuring some of my favorite recipes and snacks.

Not at home? Send me an email whenever you like, and I can select an item for you on the menu and provide you with healthy eating tips for on-the-go! Think of me as a foodie wikipedia.

Package can include weekly meal plans, unlimited email support, four 50 or 30-minute sessions, giveaways, session notes, a weekly newsletter, access to my health tips & resources, and an easy decision-making process! Let that mind relax.

Package can include weekly meal plans, unlimited email support, two 50 or 30-minute sessions, and all that other good stuff!

Live for You Now "Fridge Fix"
The Live for You Now Fridge Fix gives you that extra push to eat clean and forgo mindless snacking at home. After a 30-minute consultation, we will chat about your fridge and pantry status! We’ll toss out the “not so great stuff” and write down healthier alternatives for you to try. Then we will have a 30-minute consultation later in the week to see how your body feels after getting out the gunk.
Live for You Now "Foodie Fix"

The Live for You Now Foodie Fix is great for those who feel overwhelmed and uncertain about their grocery store purchases. Start the day off with a 30-minute consultation, followed by a grocery store run. Together we will explore the aisles and redesign your pantry and fridge. A healthier, more balanced self starts in the kitchen! So, we’ll do a little “cleansing” and bring in guilt-free, delicious, and colorful foods that you will feel proud to eat. Later that week, we will have a 30 minute check-in session to see how your new kitchen is treating you.

Live for You Now "Sweat Sesh"
Live for You Now Sweat Sesh: an exercise class + juice stop + loads of fun and endorphins! Two options are available:
Take it Outside: After working up a sweat at a gym (1 hour classes), we’ll cool off with a cold-pressed juice full of electrolytes and nutrients to rebalance our bodies and reduce muscle inflammation.
Keep it Indoors: I will bring some of my favorite workout equipment to your home and show you a couple of my go-to strengthening and muscle-toning moves! Then, we can get either get a juice and discuss its benefits or if you happen to have a blender or juicer, we can have a little fun experimenting in the kitchen.
*Both options include a 30-minute consultation prior to events and another 30-minute check-in later in the week.
Live For You Now "Daytime Detox"

Book me for a day!

Combine packages, sessions, and we can spend hours together detoxing our minds & bodies!

East Bank Club Members And Guests

For those who want to have an in-person session between a workout class or two, we can sit by the juice bar, grab a drink and chat!

**Not affiliated with East Bank Club. Sessions are informal and are not associated with EBC staff, their in-house dietician, or services.